The Lithium List

Inspired by Joel Runyon's Impossible List

If I don't concede my goals to you right now I run a very real risk of dying before I ever start fully living. 

So to express that which I don't easily know how to share, from Joel Runyon, I've swiped the concept of the Impossible List™. To trick myself into thinking it's a balanced list, I've hijacked and implemented life categories from the man that turned teardrop-eyed figurines into a billion dollar empire. (Sure, I've made minor tweaks to the categories, but you didn't even notice, did you?) From Danny Dover, I borrow the notion of creating a self-imposed deadline for the very goal that motivated the creation of this blog: 

Professional Soccer Player in the NWSL

Every list of crazy goals needs a name. Welcome to the Lithium List.

Just as lithium is a popular type of battery, the Lithium List now gets to power my life's purpose. Lithium is also highly reactive and susceptible to catching fire, (think Hoverboards and Samsung Galaxy Note 7's). I'm fired up about devouring the impossibilities on the Lithium List, one calculated step at a time. 

Brookie the Rookie's Lithium List

Your goals may be different than mine. But as I set out to accomplish my impossibilities, I will document the ways in which I break down huge goals into bite-sized and manageable tasks. Documenting the resources, tools, and methods I use means you can glean the processes for your own goals too. As you set out to write your list, you may start to wonder, can I actually admit to the goals I want to accomplish? What if nobody thinks I can reach them? Let's use me as an example; everyone probably suspects I'll accomplish drinking tap water in Maine. But for the remainder of my list, others beliefs cease to matter, for in order to accomplish the impossible, it's necessary to default to the wisdom of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: 

I will become a professional soccer player in the NWSL by the end of the 2019 season.-5.png

Now that we're bonding, let's get vulnerable. Onto the list!


1. Health and fitness 

  • 20 soccer juggles on each foot

  • Create a time-lapse of my body transformation

  • Correct my butt tendonitis, (yep! This is a real ailment)

  • Hit a home run in slow-pitch softball

  • Complete the 100 push-up challenge

  • Do 100 triple-unders in a row

  • Complete a posture program

  • Compete in the World Jump Rope Championships

  • Research and implement recovery methods to use during training

  • Become a professional soccer player in the NWSL by the end of the 2020 season 

2. Intellectual life– 

  • Test out of a college-level Anatomy & Physiology Course, (My A&P courses are over 7 years old and are no longer accepted as valid)

  • CLEP out of a college-level Chemistry course

  • Become a Certified Toastmaster

  • Become fluent in French

  • Complete a Masters degree

  • Become a certified aromatherapist

    • Complete an Idaho STAR motorcycle course ...........Accomplished April, 2018

3. Emotional life 

  • Compile an elite, transportable sleeping environment

  • Adhere to a morning matcha ritual

  • Create a Life Plan & Will

4. Nutrition 

  • Construct nutrient-dense meal plans for a 7-day time period
  • Select teas and tisanes for daily consumption
  • Create different bean recipes for every day of the week
  • Study Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook
    • Study Vegetarian Sports Nutrition by D. Enette Larson-Meyer ...........Accomplished July, 2017

5. Spiritual Life 

  • Meditate Daily
    • Serve at an S.N. Goenka Vipassana meditation course ...........Accomplished March, 2017
  • Read the Book of Mormon
  • Read the Torah

6. Love relationships 

  • Attend a Tantra Course with my beloved

7. Parenting vision

  • Become a foster parent for a teenager

  • Eat one meal together as a family every day

  • Do my own parents count?....Climb Mount Borah with my old man

8. Social life 

  • Plan a bachelorette party for a friend

  • Karaoke "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" while sitting on a stranger's lap

  • Participate in a stand-up comedy open mic night

  • Witness a same-sex couple smooch on a live Kiss Cam at a sporting event

  • Attend a Marine Ball

9. Financial life– 

  • Complete a Masters degree, debt-free, by the time I graduate from the program
    • Read I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi ...........Accomplished April 2017
    • Complete a Financial Peace University Course ...........Accomplished December 2018

10. Career- 

  • Collaboration song with Turquoise Jeep

  • Work a telecommute, flexible schedule position offering health insurance

  • Write a humorous memoir

  • Collaborate to create a more eco-friendly, blister-reducing soccer-sock

  • Become the first female to make it onto Joel Runyon's list of "Bucket List Bloggers"

  • Compound a natural yet effective deodorant

  • Construct and distribute a reusable, high-quality mascara wand

  • Write natural beauty reviews

11. Quality of life- 

  • Build a Turkish style Elephant's Feet toilet in the bathroom

  • Construct a walk-in shower in the bathroom

  • Pare down all of my belongings into organized and travel-ready units

  • Win a car through an endurance kissing contest

  • Travel to India with my brother, C Rexy, and my fella, Pup Pup

  • Travel to Thailand with Alpaca to visit her birthplace

  • Drink the tap water in Maine

  • Go on a Horseback Safari

  • Adhere to Project 333, all with polyester-free clothing

12. Life vision- 

  • Create a scholarship for a certification course

  • Create a scholarship for an Eagle Academy student

  • Procure a chemistry agreement between the alternative high schools in the Boise, Idaho area and Oregon State University.

  • Collaborate to create an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) "game" for the VR Oculus Rift

12. Wagers with athletes-